Cybersecurity is a great field to be in for a multitude of reasons. The big reason is job security, Cybersecurity as a field is understaffed by 3.5 million positions last year and 1.8 million will go unfilled in 2022 according to a research study by (ISC)2. Organizations of all fields and sizes need to be concerned with Cybersecurity in some form.

With the importance of this field and its growing needs, Organizations need to offer analysts and engineers in the field lucrative salaries and benefits to attract these professionals to their companies. The high earning potential in the field also incentivizes younger generations to enter the field as their career path. Security analysts earn a median annual salary of $90,120 USD. As individuals become security engineers their salary increases to $124,526 on average with additional bonuses of around $20,000 bringing the average compensation for engineers to $144,000 to $145,000 annually.

The field offers a diverse range of subfields, such as incident response. vulnerability management, network security, identity access management, and so much more. Each of these roles in cybersecurity plays a vital role in the success of the organization that cybersecurity professionals work for. Individuals interact with a piece of cybersecurity, from unlocking your mobile device to signing to social media and email and so much more.

People working in the field can feel a great sense of accomplishment with the work they do, shaping the digital landscape of the organization through policy and procedure, and advising leadership on the best practices, while keeping budgetary concerns in mind. Cybersecurity professionals are so valued that recruiters will call professionals with opportunities in the hopes of pulling them away from competitors to other organizations.

The cybersecurity field is lucrative, important, and growing. Join the industry with our 8-week Introduction to Cybersecurity class and be job ready in less than 4 months.